smart video Doorbells

this innovative smart doorbell by Hikvision features a 2mp integrated camera ,which can be accessed from your smartphone ,tablet or computer -even if you’re out !

provided that we have access to your wifi , powered locally by a 12v psu or integrated in to a 24 v chime ,there will be no problem with adding this practical device to your property .

.surface mounted

.simple to connect to wifi and HIKconnect account

.2mp camera with intagraded microphone and speaker

.functions in low light

.supports storage and playback via TF memory card,or can be configured on to your DVR/NVR

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Intercom Door stations

video intercom systems have come a long way in recent years

traditionally installed on flats and apartments and offices , becoming more popular in residential environments.

we offer different options from a simple answer the door from your armchair ( ideal for elderly and disabled clients)

to more elaborate systems integrated with home security alarms,CCTV ,mobile apps and access control.

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